Sturgis 2012 Body Paint

This is the first day that I did the body paint.
A step by step chronicle of my day.  I had never done body paint before and it was hard to get used to all the attention. Generally I just float through crowds unnoticed, a shadow, a...  was someone just here  moment in time.  With the paint it was way different and exhausting.
The artist was wonderful and very nice, he made me feel at ease.
There is a link at the end of this post with his card.
Just click it.

I have a lot more to post.. this was just the first day.

I was taking pictures of people taking pictures of me.

When it was time to head back to Spearfish and to dinner, I thought it best to put on a top

click pic to go to artists site


  1. Superb! I'll bet the attention you received was a bit overwhelming. How long did it last?

  2. It was overwhelming, I could take about 5-10 steps down the street and peeps would ask for my picture, sometimes running to stop me. Men and women. It was fun. I have never had that much attention in my life.
    Unfortunately it washes off in the shower and I am back to my meek shy self.

  3. Why do I suddenly feel that I am in the wrong job? Is there government grants to learn to be a body painting artist? This is a serious question, it is not to late for anything.
    Liquid Latex