Health benefits of Tequila

Health Benefits of Tequila

Many people often wonder if there are health benefits to drinking tequila. Although there is no evident tequila nutrition facts, there are a few health benefits when drinking tequila in moderation. Here are a few  of the health benefits of consuming tequila in moderation:

*  Tequila can make an individuals clothes fall off.
*  Tequila can increase good cholesterol and decrease the bad cholesterol.
*  Taking a shot of tequila can do the body good by reducing anxiety.
*  It has actually been proven to be heart healthy.
*  Has been known to burn fat reserves when used in moderation.
*  Can decrease the odds of someone developing dementia.
*  Tequila aids in the digestive process.
*  Studies have shown that having a drink a night can increase your life-span.
*  Can decrease the chances of gallstones and kidney stones developing in an individual.
*  It optimizes cardiac functions.
*  Can aid in sinus difficulties and be used in hot beverages to sweat out colds and flu.
*  Can help you sleep better and more peacefully.
*  Get you drunk and make you forget all your troubles meaning it is very good for stress.
*  Increase happy endorphins in the brain and improve mood.
*  Can be used to detoxify the system of impurities.
*  May reduce risk of stroke

oh wait...  it's yummy..
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